Book Puns beginning with  C

California Politics
by Al B. Bach

Campfire Cuisine
by Frank N. Beans

Can You Spare a Dime?
by Abe Rudder

Canadian Living
by Bernadette Draftcard

Cardio Care
by Angie O'Graham

Caring For Carpeting
by Connie Lingus

Caring for the Elderly
by Sophie Bulanold

Carpentry Tricks
by Sandy Wood

Carpet Installation
by Walter Wall

Cattle Raising
by Beau Vine

Cattle Control
by Bob Dwyer

Causes of Diabetes
by Candy Barre

Cave In
by Ira Linquish

Cheating Spouse
by Lilac Arugg

Child's Play
by Hayden Seek

Choir Master
by Anita Buoy

Chosen One
by Ivan Chu

Christmas Decorating
by Aretha Holly

Circus Travel
by Eunice Hikel

Classic Opera
by Barbara Seville

by Justin Time

by Faye Kinnett

Closing Pitcher
by Candy Liver

Cold War Race
by Cosmo Knott

Common Courtesy
by Adam Mahway

Competitive Diving
by Belle E. Vlops

Computer Crashes
by Constance Waring

Conneting With People
by Bill D. Bridges

Construction Tycoon
by Bill Jerome Holmes

Coping With Breakups
by Wanda Hughes Kissinger

Coping with Loss
by Abbie Seenia

Court Procedings
by Anna Turney

by Brandon Cattell

Crab Breeding
by Alma Balzitch

Creative Writing
by Drew A. Blanc

Cross My Heart
by Hope Tudai

Cupid's Tool
by Bowen Narrows

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